Can charm be analysed? 20th c. British writer Beverley Nichols* said no, that charm can only be reflected in the response it brings. For example, the gift of a diamond bracelet? Possibly so. But, we also think that the latest lingerie from Jane’s Vanity defines charm. 

Bra sets from Karolina Laskowska whisper that charm is the act of embracing life. Each set is a commitment to beauty, to the heritage of design, and to living your dreams. The body-hugging Cassiopeia Lingerie Set is an adventure in style, with its burgundy and gold lace, and its matching tiara-like choker. Let it open your heart.     

Layalina’s Nana Silk Pajamas present charm as subtlety. At first glance, this luscious set is simple and modest. But, notice the drape of its exceptional Italian silk in palest pink; the perfection of its classic details; and the decadent lace appliqués that climb up from the hems of the pants. Charm, as NIchols might have noted, is what commands that important second glance. 

Gilda & Pearl’s Champagne in Venice Dress is charming in its daring. BE the party in this shimmering tribute to a beautiful city. To meet à deux, its sheerness requires nothing further (except, of course, champagne). To add a feathered kick to a night on the town, line it with the Silver Screen Kitty Slip. 

Stelios Koudounaris’s Petrol Flared-Sleeves Velvet Dress offers the charm of a gentle hug. He gets love by giving it, in the form of an embracing afternoon dress in deepest blue. Its velvet nap catches the light. Its wide belt and gathered midi-length skirt add grace; its thigh-high slit just waits to show off your legs. Confidence is charming, and that you will have.

Can charm be taught? Living our lives is a lesson in charm. We learn to be nicer, to really listen– to share our joy. And wear it, in lovely lingerie from Jane’s Vanity. 

*from “What I’m Reading: Rick Owens,” in Mr. Porter September 11, 2019

 “And, in my nineties, I am going to read Beverley Nichols’ work exclusively–giddy 1920s gardening books that are about elegantly bemused living, but occasionally drop a casually profound aside.”

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