Inspector Parker’s Camisole

As the holidays wind down, one feels the need of a quiet afternoon. A good detective story makes the perfect escape, especially something from England’s Golden Age of Mystery of the 1920s and 30s. And if one chooses Dorothy L. Sayers’s Clouds of Witness, one has the added treat of accompanying Scotland Yard’s Detective-Inspector Charles Parker as he steps into the mysterious environs of a Parisian lingerie shop. It is one of JV’s favorite chapters.

Parker, a modest bachelor, is in Paris to investigate, but pauses one evening to purchase a gift for his unmarried elder sister, who would take “...delight in some filmy scrap of lace underwear which no one but herself would ever see.” And so, he has the delicious adventure of choosing a camisole (and getting to speak French!). The experience quite bucks him up: “The young lady had been charmingly sympathetic, and without actually insinuating anything, had contrived to make her customer feel just a little bit of a dog.” Lingerie brings happiness to all. And, what might Parker choose from Jane’s Vanity?

GIlda & Pearl’s Creme Brulee Pearl Camisole Set is a subtle classic of lingerie art. In white silk accented in French embroidery applique, its racer back top and matching tap pant give it a touch of swagger.  

Lise Charmel’s Dressing Floral Camisole is a dream of pastel flowers on pale pink poly. Its a-line shape and mid-hip length make it a natural for lounging.

And for an elegant layer of warmth, Dana Pisarra’s Romantic Camisole would be well received. In choice of Antique heathered pale pink or Amande grey, Its delicate knit is composed of mohair, nylon, and alpaca. Lace trim at neckline and full hem.

But, the story isn’t over for Parker. He is about to fall in love. And someday, he might choose an entirely different sort of camisole. Perhaps the sheer chartreuse Monstera Lace Camisole from Violet & Wren

Things are starting to get interesting. Let’s read on. And get comfortable in page-turners from Jane’s Vanity. 

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