Holiday Wishes

Wishing you: David Hockney dachshunds, a postcard from Rio, Pink Martini tickets (or at least a pink martini), diamond hugs and kisses, old movies in the afternoon, a heifer for The Heifer Project, a Christine Vancouver Gatsby Velvet Robe.

And may you: win at Boggle, wear fur-lined boots, decorate with orange carnations, collect blue and white china, occasionally serve red velvet cupcakes, and sleep in Morpho+Luna’s Chloe Night Silk Gown.

Hope your New Year includes: lavender sachets, dancing, sunshine, Chinese take-out, drives to the beach, a new baby in the neighborhood, a French conversation class, and a Klements silk scarf.

All the best of: plain black kitten heels, vegetable gardens, coffee bars, art books, window shopping, block parties, amateur theatricals, working for clean water everywhere, and strutting your Valery Luna Plunge Pink Bra!

Happy tidings for: a new perfume that you love, a hike in the country, an excuse to dress up, a baseball game, a new pen and gorgeous paper, a pretty old map of Paris, Blanc de Chine statuary, and Loveday London’s minky pink Elfin Silk and Leather Slip.

Hugs and lots of love from Jane’s Vanity! Muah!

-Kate L

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