La Bella Figura

The Italian concept of “la bella figura,” a fine figure, brings to mind Henry Cavill in The Man from U.N.C.L.E. Great suits, swell posture, sly smile. But, the idea is more complex. Some consider “la bella figura” a central metaphor for Italian life. Applicable to both men and women, it describes your facade, the picture you show the world. And, to quote blogger Lynn O’Hare, it demands that you “look good, strut it, flaunt it--now!” While, of course, being nice.

So, let’s get started. Begin at the beginning, si? Perfection all the way out. Start with something basic, but not boring, such as Madame Aime’s Rue Bonaparte Lingerie set in black. And stockings? High Heel Stay Ups from Falke are sharp and flirty at the same time.

Enjoyment is all part of the process. Get with the program with an elegant assortment of chemises, camisoles, and slips. Plot your strategy for day or night. Afternoon? Just show a peek of your Gilda & Pearl’s Bloomsbury Sapphire Slip. Dinner out? It’s a dress!

In Italian, “far figura” translates as “to look good.” You will. And “contorni?” The idea of adding little touches to make the whole more pleasing. A scarf perhaps, or your favorite little necklace. You’re ready to greet the world. Your Mona Lisa smile tells the story.

-Kate L

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