Your fortune, Cookie!

Holidays = Chinese Food. And fortune cookies! Perfect to start the new year: “You will live the life of a circus performer.” Or, “People are naturally attracted to you.” Or, “Your shoes will make you happy day.” Tuck the good ones into your pocket. Save forever.

Holidays = Chocolate. Often of an exotic nature, such as Baci from Perugina. Each chocolate and hazelnut “bacio,” or kiss, includes a tiny transparent sheet of blue printing, nestled inside its wrapper. The message is not a fortune, but a love note. Translated into five languages. The source is usually from literature, properly cited. Today’s missive: “There’s always some madness in love. But in madness, there’s always a little wisdom.” Friedrich Nietzsche.

Holidays = Jane’s Vanity. If JV offered a fortune/love note with each garment, what would it say? Let’s imagine:

“A chance meeting will change your life. Be ready.” Cadolle’s Powder Lace Blouse has your back (and your front).

“A trip with a friend will bring a pleasant surprise. Pack wisely.” Look no further than Valery’s Prestige Teal Silk Romper. Versatile on the road, memorable everywhere.

“Dress up clothes attract the occasion. Start with an elegant top.” The Tatouage Bodysuit from Cadolle is quietly sexy and ready to accessorize with abandon.

“Happiness can come in small packages. Wear a pretty bra set.” Cadolle’s pink and lace Rama Powder Lace Lingerie Set will bring a smile.

“Loved ones like to know you care. Tell them in subtle ways.” Akiko Ogawa’s Seduction Lace Skirt sends an unmistakable message.

Happy 2018, everyone, from Jane’s Vanity!

-Kate L

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