"Take a Break!"


Thank goodness I have friends in tune with my daily ups and downs. They reside in my closet.

When I come home tired, wet, and misunderstood, they say, “take a break!” Or, if I burst in the door with new ideas and places to go, they also say, “take a break!” They just know me right down to the ground.

My Grazia‘Iliani Capoverde Fleece Robe is a steadying influence. Simple, long, and cozy, it allows me to toss away the cares of the day along with my clothes.

Zynni’s Two-Tone Cashmere Robe is better than a massage. So relaxing. And so warm. I watch from the window as the weather outside turns to sleet.

Olivia Van Halle’s witty Lila Madeline Silk Pajama set offers a perfect little break. Its jazzy attitude just demands that I sashay around the bedroom, draw a bubble bath, and make reservations for later.

The intellectual designs of Klements match a quieter mood. The British Museum Slouch Kimono is my constant companion, sometimes over jeans, when I need some time to myself.

Company? Nice to know the Gilda Emerald Silk Pajama Set from Gilda & Pearl is standing by, ready to entrance.

But when there is no company, nothing much on the calendar, it is nice to take a break. I never feel alone.

-Kate L

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