Gardening in Emeralds

Gardening in Emeralds

Picture it. You in wellies, driving the pickup truck to the garden store, sheepdog at your side. Under that mud-flecked straw hat, your earlobes sparkle. Emeralds, darling. Where else would you wear them?

Jane’s Vanity has a few alternative suggestions for emeralds. Cultivate your garden in this jewel of a color.

Wake up to summer in Olivia Von Halle’s Millicent Green Flash Shortie Pajama. Sync the sprinklers to “rhumba” and breakfast on the porch.

Contemplate the day’s verdant possibilities as you slip into the GIlda & Pearl Gina Emerald Lingerie Set with its accent of shimmering gold lace. Let’s watch Barefoot in the Park!

A sultry afternoon calls for an utterly simple emerald slip dress. Hard to choose between the plunging v back of Olivia Von Halle’s knee-length Remy and the longer drape of the bias-cut Green Flash.

Your hammock beckons. Give in to a little nap in Gilda & Pearl’s Gina Emerald Silk Pajama. Camisole top and criss-cross spaghetti straps allow the breezes to circulate.

For an evening party, branch out a little in Cadolle’s Yana Floral Bustier. Emerald meets ruby, amber, lapis, sapphire, turquoise, and coral. A gift of nature.

Dazzling JV possibilities await, as you dig into another busy day!

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