Your Little World

Your Little World

No vacation this summer? Say a fond driveway farewell to all the neighbors as they back out of your life for awhile. Seems quiet. Peaceful. Like your own private island. A place to make your dreams come true. The possibilities are invigorating. Dive into the unknown with Jane’s Vanity by your side.

Your first project could be personal transformation--on the printed page. No location too exotic. No pajama too glitzy (try the Morpho + Luna Ines Gold Striped Pajama).  Recline on the couch and join the world of Bella Figura: How to Live, Love, and Eat the Italian Way by Kamin Mohammadi. Follow the author as she abandons stress-filled London for soul-nourishing Florence. A short writing sabbatical becomes a permanent relocation. Mohammadi allows you to share each step along the way as she learns to replace self-doubt, heartbreak, and exhaustion with a joyful, and distinctly Italian, way of living.

Or, from your reading corner, explore the possibility of moving to the English countryside. This time you might slip into Olivia Von Halle’s Daria Barbara Floral Silk Pajama. Then let Amanda Brooks take you Farm From Home: A Year of Stories, Pictures, Recipes from a City Girl in the Country. New Yorker Brooks hadn’t intended to stay on in England either. But she did. Let her tell the tale.

Time to get moving. Personally transform the environment by hanging twinkle lights from all of the trees on the block. Set up folding chairs on the grass. Invite your friends for a twilight blast of The 1812 Overture. Look happily hostessy as you pass hors d'oeuvres in the Klements Volcano Patti Dress. Did someone say DJ? Street party!

In the light of day, curate your JV closet to best advantage. By sheerness? By seniority? By country? By the rainbow!

Before you can even learn to play the bagpipes, it is time to paint the street with “Welcome Back.” Not much traffic at 4AM. Dare to wear Meng’s Blossom Stripe Silk Pajama Set under your college sweatshirt. Just you and the birds. Nice while it lasted. Mimosas, anyone?

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