How foggy is it? It’s so foggy that you can’t see across the street. It’s so foggy that your ceiling has disappeared. Enjoy it while it lasts by slipping into something nebulous from Jane’s Vanity.

Socked in? Tiptoe to the window to investigate in Maria La Rosa’s Dip Dye Pink Socks. 

Flight canceled? Olivia Von Halle’s white Coco Crepe de Chine Silk Pajama is called for. Wear it to study the forecast in the depths of your café au lait. Then finish the crossword and start on a new Elinor Lipman novel.

Candles? May we suggest the new Voyage et Cie line “In the Style of Jane”? The candles’s fragrances are your link with the outside world, inspired by romantic destinations. Breathe them in while looking pretty in your Graziia’Iliani’s Silver Wrap Top in silk charmeuse and silk chiffon. 

Restless? Eventually productivity jolts you out of your reverie. To attack a dozen projects, you first need a fabulous Dana Pisarra top. The Liberty Ivory Cashmere Turtleneck is a beautification project in itself. Now for the spice shelf, the bath, the lingerie drawer, etc.

Correspondence? Your desk calls to you with tons of free time, holiday cards, and pretty stamps. Buckle down and button up in Morpho + Luna’s Lullaby Leaves Pajamas in ivory silk twill with a print in shades of red, bronze, brown, and black. 

A surrealistic voyage? Imagine yourself on a rumbling train to somewhere in the mist. Hear the stations ting by. Feel the sheer anticipation as you climb into your berth (or couch?) wearing Gilda & Pearl’s Deshabille Tulle Babydoll. When you awake, it will be sunny.

In the midst of a busy season, revel in a bit of stolen time. Surrounded by clouds of Jane’s Vanity.

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