Postcards From Beret

Got your lid for the trip? Something fun and edgy, that goes everywhere–with everything? Jane’s Vanity has you covered. With the Elisabeth Weinstock Barbadoes Beret, In colorful exotic leather. You’ll love it for taming your hair and upping your game. We’ll want a full report while you’re on the road. Remember to write! 

Dear Jane,

Iceland is so bohemian. Anything goes for clothing. The puffin motif is especially popular. But, here at the Blue Lagoon, all I need is a towel and my Barbados Fuchsia Beret! 

Dear Emily,

Thanks for suggesting the best way to conquer Paris:  Dana Pisarra’s Luxor Wool Silk Dress and, of course, a chic Barbados beret in black and white. I wear them on the boulevard, to sit at a café and sip a Boulevardier. Wish you were here…  


I’ll be waiting for you on the pier. You’ll recognize the Barbados Olive Beret, which I will be waving in the air. Then we’ll set our caps for Hydra and a week of love and sunshine. 

I’ll sing to you of Leonard Cohen, while wearing my beret and Christine Vancouver’s Moonlight Chiffon Robe.

Dear Readers,

We wish you happiest travels, protected and enhanced by a very stylish beret. Next stop Barbados?

Lots of love,


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