Finishing Touches

Accessories are just for ourselves. They might not even show. But, they bring joy to the simplest outfits and occasions. If you’ve ever tied a lurex stocking around your neck, you get the idea. Your own special cravat. Perfect under your coat, for a quick walk to the corner to buy milk. Why not? Jane’s Vanity offers playful indulgences to brighten up your world.

Scarves are our indoor/outdoor buddies. They inspire as they insulate. Klements has lovely new silk options, from 60’s-influenced Ivie Tassel Scarves to opulent Giant Squares with stories to tell. And welcome to Ika Paris, with its joyful designs in silk squares large enough to wear “in a thousand ways to protect, display, adorn, play, & release.” 

Stockings are personal--and fun. Don’t miss this opportunity to polish your toes in a new way. Gerbe and Falke are here for you.  

Let a bright pattern be your accessory. Try silk print trousers or pants from FRS (For Restless Sleepers). Designed to take you anywhere in style, their casual elegance completes your look.   

The ultimate accessory is a pretty bra--mother was right. So, start the day with something fabulous. Cadolle’s Bali Rose Print Set would be cozy (and cheerful) in winter, with its pink jersey, patterned with bright pink roses. Your secret. Your gift to yourself. Lise Charmel sets the mood of the moment with two new bras in shades of purple. Will it be the Reve Orchidee Lingerie set with colorful embroidery on mauve Leavers lace? Or the Dressing Floral Indien Lingerie Set in deepest purple textural embroidery on sheer tulle and mesh?   

JV’s artisans send love with each piece, in the form of exquisite design, materials, embellishment. Let your finishing touch be their friendly hug. 

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