Lingerie Quiz

What sort of lingerie person are you? Since you’re reading this, you would probably rate as “enthusiastic.” But, let’s be sure. Take the Jane’s Vanity Lingerie Quiz:

  1. To brighten up an online party, you...
  1. Wear your pirate costume
  2. Send snacks to everyone via courier
  3. Write messages all over your body with a felt tip marker
  4. Wrap yourself in Christine Vancouver’s Origami Long Silk Robe (crafted of silk crepe in shades of red, white, and seaside blue)

  1. When you want to upstage a face mask or other PPE. you...
  1. Wear your tiara (at last!)
  2. Apply a third-eye decal to the middle of your forehead
  3. Tie helium balloons to your ears
  4. Swath your lovely neck with The Opium Giant Square Scarf from Klements (a rich and modern floral on black silk)

  1. When chatting with a friend on a social-distance walk, you wish to make a point. You stop in your tracks and...
  1. Extract a rabbit from your top hat
  2. Perform an air-guitar solo
  3. Pop open a bottle of champagne
  4. Unbutton your coat to reveal Voiment’s Shimmer Dot Bralette Set (love the lurex)

  1. To cheer yourself up, when it is cold and dark outside, you...
  1. Light the magi-color presto log in your fireplace
  2. Play checkers with your cat and let him win
  3. Make fondue
  4. Saunter off to the Jacuzzi in Violet & Wren’s Saguaro Gold Bias Slip Dress (a sunny silk print that sweeps to the lower leg)

Answers: Well, it has to be “d” every time, right? (Otherwise people might think you were a little nutty). You scored four out of four. Which makes you a fabulous sort of lingerie person. Not surprising. Now, let’s read our horoscopes, dressed in something d-lightful from Jane’s Vanity!

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