Dancing On The Ceiling

New Layalina sleepwear from Jane’s Vanity will have you feeling like a goddess. One of those lovelies who float inside a painted dome, high above the dinner guests in an Italian palazzo. Whether the goddess is dancing, flirting, or driving a chariot, her diaphanous garments beckon us to join her in the clouds.

The art of fresco-painted ceilings was big business in 17th century Italy. The Baroque period was as lush and over-amped as the pearl it was named after. Thanks to the development of perspective drawing, it was possible for a skilled artist to fool the eye with optical illusions of height and depth. Ceilings could be raised, and filled with swirling mythological scenes. Theater impresarios took note and commissioned breathtaking theater backdrops, too. What better stage for the simplicity of a perfect nightgown?

Like a goddess in pursuit, Layalina has followed her dream to find the most beautiful materials. The result is the Assiyah SIlk Muslin Robe and Gown in sheerest black (who knew there was such a thing?). Designed to drape, the two pieces dance right along with you. The robe is enhanced by fine Chantilly lace at wrist and hem. The spaghetti-strapped gown proudly displays a sheer lace bust.

Layalina plays a siren song with the buttery Italian silk and Calais lace of her Alexandria Gold Silk Gown. The pleated triangle bust, low back, and criss-cross straps speak of Grecian sculpture. The couture techniques make it light and modern.

Speaking of the world of illusion, Hollywood comes calling with Layalina’s Nana Silk Pajama in finest pale pink silk with matching lace appliqué climbing up the hem of the pants. Movie goddess?

And for leaping from cloud to cloud, Layalina suggests the Noor Aubergine Babydoll in panels of rich purple silk and French lace. Goddesses love a gift, and this would be the one. Accompanied, why not, by Baroque pearls from Gisel B.

Imagine a candle-lit dinner, mysterious frescoes, a heritage of beauty. As Layalina suggests, you shine brightest in moonlight, and encounter true intimacy between sunset and sunrise. Watching over you are the friendly goddesses of Jane’s Vanity.

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