Heart to Heart, Part 2


Here at “The Paisley,” Jane’s Vanity’s atelier, owner Jane Adams answers our questions about what’s trending in her heart!

Tell us, Jane, what’s been your handiest garment this summer season?

J: Definitely the Christine Vancouver Meghan Luxe Silk Crepe Gown in black. It’s an easy, versatile piece with so many options for different looks. I’ve worn it with a tee shirt underneath to dress it down; but you can also easily dress it up as well. Best of all, its elegant simplicity makes it a perfect palette for big bold jewelry, my favorite!

Each winter, you and Emily travel to Europe to select sample garments that will be fabricated and, months later, sent to Jane’s Vanity. Now, as the finished products are arriving, are you sometimes surprised by their beauty and possibility?

J: What surprises me are the combinations for wearing that hadn’t occurred to me before. We just received the Fiori Bodysuit from Gilda & Pearl in beige tulle with its stunning floral embroidery of greens, purples and especially a luscious orange. When held up next to Studio Pia’s Petra Amber Silk Robe, the two seem to have been made for each other, which is a thrill to see. But it often happens that our pieces work together unexpectedly, from season to season; as they will for our customers–now, and over time.

And, from your European buying trips, what have you learned about the lingerie design process?

J: I am sometimes asked, does a designer choose the lace for a design they have already dreamed up, or does the lace inspire a creation? The fabric is the starting point for our designers. For lace, the designers travel to a wholesaler to see what is available and what might speak to them. We had the privilege of joining Karolina Laskowska in London to visit the Solstiss showroom; it was a heady experience. Karolina frequently creates with “deadstock,” irreplaceable lace remnants that will never be repeated; the new Eos Aubergine and Danainae sets both use deadstock lace. The Eos Aubergine Lingerie Set is also an example of how our pieces seem to mesh with each other. The colors in the lace are beautifully accented by both colors of the Rochelle collection from Emma Harris, as well as Merle Noir’s Rustic Pink Couture Silk Camisole. 

What are you excited about right now for your own fall wardrobe?

J: I’m drawn to the fabulous sheer pieces on our website. I think of them for layering, to showcase what might be underneath. I call it Silhouette Dressing.  As I hold up the Jardin de la Lune Gown Set from Gilda & Pearl, I can imagine it over all sorts of colored silks and peeking from under knits for the coming months. It would travel so easily and could be layered and styled for different occasions, or I could slip it on for a glass of champagne in my hotel room.

I am also particularly fond of velvets. They’re perfect for spring and fall, because while they look cozy they aren’t overly warm. We have gorgeous velvets coming this fall from Stelios Koudounaris and Christine Vancouver. The Stelios dresses are designed for wearing out, in deep jewel-toned velvets with removable belts. Christine has reimagined a jewel-tone Art Nouveau print for her 50th anniversary, creating luscious loungewear in both silk and devorè silk velvet. I would absolutely style the Christine pieces as apparel as well; something that beautiful deserves to be seen! 

So, what’s coming next?

We are always on the lookout for magic; and it is happening, even in the challenging lingerie market. We are exploring Italian knitwear houses that will provide stretchy essentials after the heartbreaking closure of Dana Pisarra.

We are also thrilled to introduce several exquisite new lines this season. The sleepwear from French maison Layalina has just arrived and is available on the website. Handmade, the pieces feel as fresh as the young woman who designed them. I am in love with the whole collection, but particularly enamored with the sheer robe and gown in a gauzy black silk muslin trimmed in Chantilly lace. I will look forward to my upcoming trip to Europe in Layalina pajamas of pale pink Italian silk, with appliqued lace climbing up the hem of the pants; so beautiful I’ll surely wear them down to the hotel bar for a nightcap.  

Thank you, Jane, for bringing us along on a journey of love.

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