Cozy Up

It’s autumn out there. As we admire the late afternoon panorama, we see leaves swirling by in a horizontal direction. Interesting. LIke jigsaw puzzle pieces in flight. The sky is slate grey. And raindrops make a pitter patter on the window. But, here, inside, the candles are lit and the sofa beckons. Jane's Vanity loves this time of year. Come, sit, and take it all in--layered to perfection.

These early evenings call for sensuous garments in opulent mix. Begin with silk and augment. Build your night around the Ocean Silk Slip Dress from Vannina Vespirini. Slip it on over Dana Pisarra’s Luxor Wool Silk Skirt. Top it with Dana’s Calais Black Wool Silk Top. Open a tiny window and breathe deeply. TIme for stories and a sweet goodnight.

Cadolle’s Lady Sheer Striped Slip is another clever approach to evening. Bare it over your Emma Harris Elsa pajama pants, with matching Elsa Robe worn slightly askew. You won’t be cold.

Dana’s Romantic Amande Camisole will keep you warm beneath the Olivia Von Halle Coco Crepe de Chine Pajama. Just right for a candle-lit dinner. Open the pajama top to reveal a jewel and a bit of bosom.  

Wear what you love--In quantity. Captivating JV layers will insulate and inspire the winter nights to come.

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