Full-Length Pose

New garments at Jane’s Vanity bring to mind the artistic possibilities of full-length dressing. A long gown or dress is languid and flattering. Its simplicity offers a perfect palette for your own signature. Be a winter work of art in a glamorous column from Dana Pisarra.

John Singer Sargent made a splash with his painting of Madame X, a society matron who proudly wears a low-cut black ball gown with jeweled shoulder straps. Feel the allure as you slide into Dana Pisarra’s own version, the Luxor Wool Silk Gown. Made of a 70% wool 30% silk knit, it features double shoulder straps and elaborate lace applique throughout. The lace is completely lined through the front body, transparent at the back, legs, and hem. Wear this showstopper alone or as a layering piece. 

Artist Alex Katz has spent a lifetime painting color-block portraits of his lovely wife Ada.  Her swingy dark (now attractively graying) hair and graceful poses could have inspired Dana Pisarra’s ankle-length Sofia Amarena Wool Silk Dress. This long-sleeved turtleneck is a body-skimming wonder, crafted of a slightly stretchy 70/30 wool and silk blend in luscious dark cherry Amarena red. Handy for winter festivities (gallery openings?). Just the color to mix with your scarf collection, a tweed jacket and boots, a favorite fedora. 

Take the long view, in painterly Italian knits from Jane’s Vanity.

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