Our little gem of an antique jewelry store* is my fantasy jump-off point. I am always drawn to their displays, especially the one of gold charms in an oversize frame lined with wine-red velvet. Each charm promises a story--one which I will never know. Perhaps the power of a talisman lies in its mystery. Rather than adding a gold charm to a bracelet or chain, I would wish to sew it to the center panel between the cups of a special bra from Jane’s Vanity. It would not only decorate my decollete, but also feed my soul.

The first charm to catch my eye is a solid gold salamander. Its simple yet sinuous shape would add zing to a red bra. A felicitous match, because the salamander symbolizes the element of fire. Cadolle’s Rama Sanguine Silk Lingerie Set comes to mind, with its hot pink silk accented with vibrant red floral lace.  

I also like the sailboat: intricate and jaunty, with a little red stripe. It seems to whisper, “remember that day on the water?” I could add it to Ritratti’s Michelle Cobalt Balconette Set for a nautical moment.

Over on the side of the display is an old-fashioned boudoir telephone with long neck and detachable receiver. Perfect for something retro and black. That would be Coco de Mer’s Gilded Arch Lingerie Set. Its Art Deco design features seductive waves of black and gold embroidery inspired by textiles at the Victoria and Albert Museum. 

Musical instruments are a popular choice for charm design. Will it be the French horn, the violin, the saxophone, or the guitar? I might choose the conga drum, for a latin beat. No, wait, the accordion. I’d like it on the Porno Chic Scarf Print Shelf Set from Cadolle. I could make up a story about it to whisper to someone. 

One charm waits patiently for me to notice: the tiny spinning world globe with raised continents. It would just suit the Studio Pia Soraya Longline Lingerie Set, which boasts its own golden fittings--as well as a tantalizing shape and white and gold embroidery. Certainly this set is a world traveler.

Full credit to Jane’s Vanity as the source of my most charmingly brilliant ideas. 

*Maloy’s Jewelry, 717 SW 10th Ave., Portland 

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