Our Silk Roads

Let’s talk shop with JV’s Emily Tate, the resident expert on all things lingerie. We recently met with her via video conference. Attended by her charming chihuahua mix Ziggy, Emily looked elegant in silk pajamas. Our discussion ranged from COVID to bra sizes. It brought to light Emily’s “silk road:” her deep knowledge of the trade, its passionate designers, its current challenges. Let her wise comments help us map our own silk roads.  

What has changed in the lingerie world due to COVID 19? The supply chain has been affected on all levels. Designers have had lots of delays in receiving materials, which in turn delays the shipment of orders to shops like Jane’s Vanity. Like everyone, lingerie brands are adjusting to the new normal and finding ways to survive. They may create smaller collections, change their marketing strategies, focus on their online presence. For example, Olivia Von Halle will no longer wholesale to boutiques, only to large department stores. But, there is good news, too. Klements has eliminated representation and is now wholesaling directly to boutiques. As a result, JV customers have already seen a drop in Klements’s prices. The scarves and other silk pieces continue to be of the highest quality, made in the same family-owned factories in Italy and Great Britain. 

And, so? The new collections are coming, though they may include fewer items and may ship later than usual. Next month JV will receive camisoles and sweatery pieces from Dana Pisarra. This month, Karolina Laskowska is sending new items, as are Cadolle, Christine Vancouver, and Studio Pia. Taryn Winters will ship new things for spring.

What should we wear from JV this winter? A creative mix of old and new. Whether we choose to cope in hibernation mode or with full-bore glamour, our JV favorites will see us through. We’ll keep warm in Olivia Von Halle’s silk velvets, a luxurious Zynni cashmere vest, a layer from Dana Pisarra. Newly arrived items will add spice to our silk roads.

Notes to self: Make my wish list a purchase list. If I don’t buy an item now, I may not have another chance. And what if it is no longer available in my size? I’ve recently focused on the “search” features on the JV website (visible on left side of screen). I can not only search for my regular bra size, but also for its sister sizes. If you are unfamiliar with this term, Cora Harrington of the website The Lingerie Addict can explain. Worth a try. And one may return JV items, if necessary. Remember, Emily is here to help you via e-mail on the JV website.

Silk Road wrap-up thoughts? That we’ll look great in a Klements scarf while video conferencing (or caravaning). That we have new license to dress in any way we wish. That we can support the artisans we love.

Merci to Emily and Mr. Z.

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