A connoisseur is more than an expert. Rather, it is someone who revels in the subject matter, who “enjoys with discrimination and appreciation of subtleties.” Connoisseurship is a celebration. For a JV lingerie connoisseur, getting dressed (or undressed) is an aesthetic and sensual experience not to be missed.

For the lingerie connoisseur, each day provides a reminder of the talent that goes into these tiny masterpieces. How lucky we are to wear the delicate work of Merel Zwart of Merle Noir, the saucy designs of the Cadolle family, the couture of Karolina Laskowska.

Merle Noir excites our enthusiasm with exquisite materials, ethereal designs, and attention to detail. The fine silks are from Italy, the lace from the master lacemakers of Calais and Caudry, France. Merel Zwart’s experience with ballet costume comes through in the graceful designs. And then there is the workmanship. JV’s Emily Tate often comments on the beauty of the couture sewing techniques that make a Merle Noir garment as beautiful inside as out.   

For a curated sense of fun, we look to Cadolle’s slightly outrageous designs. This might mean the Angela Mallard Chemise, a twirly, transparent pleated dress in teal. Or something called the Porno Chic Scarf Print Shelf Set, a totally open concept. 

Connoisseurs are always on the lookout for something new. Karolina Laskowska keeps just ahead of us with such confections as the Eos Couture Lingerie Set. This one-of-a-kind set was created especially for Jane’s Vanity. Its irreplaceable aqua blue Sophie Hallete lace is re-embroidered in shades of sage and mink with gold sequins. The underwired bra’s adjustable multi-strap multi-hook band allows flexible fit. The opulent high-waised panty allows wow.

Connoisseurship is a state of mind. It enriches our experience and slows us down to appreciate our world. Let’s celebrate it every day in lingerie and loungewear from Jane’s Vanity.

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