Brunch with Bridget

One never feels more Bridget Jones than when entertaining one’s family for Sunday brunch. That is, more all-thumbs yet razzle dazzle. Jane’s Vanity comes right over to help out.

First, the menu. DId someone say “crackers with pimento cheese?” A safe first course. As would be you in welcoming St. Tropez Silk Robe from Christine Vanouver. Its lovely floral pattern and ankle length seem to say “I’ll be right back.”

A tray of deviled eggs might buy you a few more minutes in the kitchen (and in your closet). A generous dash of paprika for the eggs and for yourself with the Klements Watchtower Chiffon Kaftan in peppery 60s print. Although this cheery garment has a built-in slip, an extra boost might come from a pretty bra such as Studio Pia’s Zaida Longline with its intriguing bespoke embroidery.

Croissants anyone? Another slam-dunk from the fancy bakery just around the corner. Delivered. Invite the messenger right in to share the feast (and pass the pastries). Make the introductions as you light a few Voyage et Cie votive candles. 

The party is starting to swing. The sun is out. The music is hip. Time to change into your main course: Gilda & Pearl’s Seraphina Dress, a pale pink sequined tube with marabou trim. Get the conga line going, then sneak off to check the oven. Which you forgot to turn on. The main course will have to be strawberries soaked in champagne. Oh well.

Next time, just make reservations. And plan to wear your new Luxor Wool SIlk Dress from Dana Pisarrra in elegant black wool and silk knit. Because, Jane’s Vanity is always invited.

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