Exquisiteness and Brevity

Lingerie is political. Of course it is. But it is also philosophical. Because it suggests a way to live. With joy and punch and, well, simplicity. Jane’s Vanity chooses items with this in mind.

As the real Jane of Jane’s Vanity has noted, the idea of dressing is to become “a constant gardener.” To “elevate your sense of aesthetics and educate your eye to a connoisseur level of personal confidence.” The result is a sort of simplicity that is grounded in perfection. 

A few JV selections make the point. 

The Viéve High Neck Bralette Set from Hérve by Céline Marie is constructed of ultra-soft black mesh that is strategically hand-appliquéd with gold lace. It becomes a second skin. Wear the bralette as a layering piece in fetching ways. Play with it. Love it. 

The Elsa Navy Balconette Set from Emma Harris exults in its subtlety. You know you’re wearing a little work of art which combines navy silk with mesh and shimmering gold floral Leavers lace. Quietly devastating.  

Either of these bras would prove excellent company for the Meghan Luxe White Silk Crepe Gown from Christine Vancouver. Each would create a different look for a gown that is a wardrobe in itself. Its 30 momme silk crepe will travel well. Its slightly pleated cups and luxurious length add just enough interest. All you need is a little jacket.

Imagine slipping into Christine Vancouver’s Moonlight Silk-lined Velvet Jacket. Its moody dark floral print adds mystery to your long gown. Works with jeans too. Feel enveloped by the prospect of traveling light. 

A recent quote from classics scholar Daniel Mendelsohn* underscores the possibility of artfulness in one’s daily life. To choose, as Ovid did, to reject the sprawling narrative and instead write with exquisiteness and brevity. The result might be a metamorphosis! Jane’s Vanity is your guide.


*“Past Imperfect.” Daniel Mendelsohn. The New Yorker, November 14, 2022.

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