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It is nice to have something to look forward to. Like, going to bed! Especially when your new items from Jane’s Vanity await. They are the building blocks for a house of dreams--or a little apartment, or a tent, or...

A quaint bed and breakfast: Where you sleep so presentably. Choose Big Poppies Adjustable Pajama Top and matching Cuffed Etere Pants from For Restless Sleepers. Wear the Dana Pisarra Amarena Rib Silk Camisole underneath.

A house party: Where you sleep, wake, dance, and dine in luxurious silk pajamas. Love the Olivia Von Halle Lila Amity version, its navy and ivory patterning so reminiscent of an old school tie! Accessorize with the matching Sleep Mask.

A train to somewhere (with someone): Where you sleep to the rhythm of the rails--in your very own compartment. Get gorgeously comfortable in Gilda & Pearl’s Gina Peony Silk Slip.

A seaside hotel: Where you sleep in layers and layers. Try the Dana Pisarra Romantic Antique Camisole under Olivia Von Halle’s Coco Oyster Silk Pajamas. Top with the Undyed Cashmere Robe from Zynni. There!

Sleep is so important. So sensuous. Enjoy every minute, in a dreamy nighttime wardrobe from Jane’s Vanity.    

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