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So, what are you wearing to the party?

Vintage jeans and a white tee, I guess. Maybe a cashmere sweater and some bling.

If you are dressing down, I will too. Avoid dreaded appearance of trying too hard. You- know-who will be there. Time to unveil the fabby Coco Ink Silk Pajamas with coral trim from Olivia Von Halle. Heels? Maybe kittens.

In that case, I’ll switch out sweater for my Klements Longline Smoking Jacket. Leave it untied. Hair up!

Jazzy. Should I go brighter?

Want to borrow the For Restless Sleepers Aqua Landscape Persefone Blouse? I always feel so great in that.

You’re a peach. It will look perfect with my new rubber jewelry.

Wait. That gives me an idea. I could match up the jeans with Gilda & Pearl’s amazing Luna Swarovski Embellished Kaftan. Sparkles on sheer navy silk with night sky pattern. Love it.

Then, how ‘bout my Loveday London Elfin Silk & Leather Slip? The one in minky pink silk and metallic leather. I’ll wear it with my fun faux fur. Might need a filmy Klements scarf.

I’ve got you covered (thanks for everything, Jane’s Vanity). Come over early. XXXOOO

You are best sister ever. Muah!

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