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My little Morpho + Luna silk cowboy shirt just got a new lease on life with the addition of a fabulous wide belt, buckled loose, somewhere around the waist. A match-up with vintage jeans and little heel produces a decided strut in my step. And gives me ideas for my elegant silk pajama tops from Jane’s Vanity. Their lovely detailing and splashes of color make them just the thing to layer with fall sweaters and accessories. It’s a cinch!

For a traditional pajama-top style, English sartorial influence assures notched collar, cuffs, and buttons to play with. The shirt-like versatility matches your mood for modesty or adventure. Roll up the sleeves, pop the collar. The heavenly silk fabric tells you they’ll stay put.

Morpho + Luna offers the satisfyingly dark design of their Ines Floral Pajama, piped in golden yellow. The top will keep you warm, add definition to your basics, and give your belt collection the exposure it deserves. For day to night chic, just add chandelier earrings.

Shorties needn’t be just for summer. The top for Olivia Von Halle’s Alba Keiko Pajama, in bold navy print, would belt up nicely with a drapey midi skirt. You get the idea.

As your loungewear finds a new orbit, let your accessories float around a bit too. The delicacy of silk inspires new ways to wear your favorites. Jane’s Vanity loves your style.

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