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A single word conjures distant summers of saltwater and sunshine: Hyacinthine. It is the mysterious color Homer uses to describe Odysseus’s mop of curly hair, a luscious deep purple verging on black. This evocative image inspired the poetry of Milton in Paradise Lost and of Edgar Allan Poe in To Helen. It continues to enchant and mystify. Today, hyacinth shades, in all of their variety, are very a la mode. They range from sweetly goth color-washes for hair to seductively saturated dyes for silk. Jane’s Vanity offers a classical approach to purply blues.

Launch a thousand ships in the Plum Silk Wrap top from Grazia’Iliani. Hellenically regal yet adventurous.

Look mythic in Gilda & Pearl’s Bloomsbury Sapphire Slip with its wide hem of scalloped gold lace.

Contemplate “the glory that was Greece” with a sweep of pleats in the Zynni Blue Cashmere Plisse Maxi Skirt. Accent with their Silver Silk Cashmere Draped Basic Top.

Emulate “the grandeur that was Rome” in the Splendeur Soie Turquoise Lingerie Set from Lise Charmel, its teal silk accented by rich purple embroidery.

Plan a trip to a “perfumed sea” wearing Olivia Von Halle’s Lila Cruz Silk Pajama in aubergine and ivory. Its stripey good looks make it a perfect travel companion, as well.

Let Jane’s Vanity take you to the intoxicatingly violet world of the imagination.

(with apologies to Edgar Allan Poe)

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