An Ode to Vannina Vesperini

Maybe I've been blinded by too much sunshine. But I still keep reminiscing about a certain camisole in a bronze gold, more saturated than the sun.  Is it a rich rococo; resplendent in it's mesmerizing asymmetry? Or is it the exuberantly curvilinear feminine baroque style that describes the rich, thickly tarnished gold lace, that sets this camisole into the stratosphere of pure desire?

 Vannina Vesperini: with a name that fabulous, how could you not succeed in the kingdom of lingerie? And there it was, the golden camisole, shining like a beacon through the labyrinth of corridors that comprise the Salon de la Lingerie.  We were drawn like moths to the flame. Sitting right next to it on the rail was an equally fetching offering, a strikingly beautiful combination of color & lace in a lingerie set that I've not seen in quite some time. Let me describe it to you, just how unique & fantastically beautiful it is.  A shaped demi bra in a ruby red silk, overlaid in that ridiculously romantic golden lace that lashes up over the cup & then sweeps down below cup; it's intoxicatingly romantic! That is followed with the strong jet black mesh wings, an absolutely perfect juxtaposition of power & beauty. It's perfectly paired with a sexy boxerette in the ruby red silk, with an extra wide edging of that wildly beautiful lace. 

Can you just imagine how magnificent that set would be to dress yourself in?  Imagine how a day or night could be transformed.  That's why it's coming to Jane's Vanity. I fall in love with the dream that I create surrounding the item, but you can be the lucky one to experience that dream.


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