An Ode to Cadolle

It's a bright hot sunny day in Hawaii: palm trees sway, trade winds blow, ocean waves crash onto sandy beaches; yawn... I'm  still dreaming of Paris. The coolness of the Parisian fashion scene would see that Cadolle sits firmly as the queen of corsetry. So of course, Cadolle would be our first pilgrimage at the Salon de la Lingerie.

Surrounded by infernal heat, I'm reminiscing on all of the beautiful items we ordered with Cadolle. Patricia did a genius collection, it sparkled and popped, and we were dazzled. We added some treasures for spring, we just couldn't wait until Fall/Winter. A  floral print on a black silk background that we chose in both a coquettish lingerie set & the bustier, which would be perfect in Hawaii right now as a farewell to the sun when it slips into the ocean & I jig a dance of happiness.

We chose a pebbled blush silk shaped bralette set that sits beautifully under the black edged blush shirt made entirely of sheer floral lace, with delicate glass buttons for the closure. Or, for a bolder look, we added the demi bra sets in the matching embroidered lace; ooh la la!

Now for fall/ winter, another beautiful floral lace in dark teal & navy was introduced.  So of course, we couldn't just stop with the gorgeous lingerie set; we were under a spell that compelled us to add the stunning under-bust corset & the amazing lace shirt with three quarter sleeves, cuffed in silk satin to match the collar. All in the same lace family that is so femininely chic, it could positively break your heart! The same silk trim color that is on the lace shirt is also used in a longline shaped soft cup set. The bralette has wide bejeweled crisscross-straps that just beg to be seen, either under the lace shirt or something else that's sheer; it's just too brilliant!

I am a lover of velvet & I'm so very happy to see it still carrying on strong.  Cadolle created a short wrap robe in a cherry wine hue, with just a hint of gold edging at the cuffs & around the neck. It can be so much more versatile than just a little robe if you let your imagination run free!  Have you ever noticed how people are drawn to touch you when you're wearing velvet?

 A Cadolle collection would not be complete without some sheer sexy black body wear, and we selected two fine offerings. An off the shoulder body with soft burnout lacework, and a French quintessential piece, that only Cadolle could execute so superbly.  It commands the bravest of hearts, to wear it confidently.  Wouldn't you love to be that soul?


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