An Ode to Morpho + Luna

I'm dreaming about Paris & our recent buying trip for Autumn- Winter 2017. Every season is a new dream & an opportunity to fall in love. I am always thrilled to be back in Paris, it is the essence of romance. Emily & I are on the hunt to find beauty, and so the search begins.

Morpho & Luna quite literally took our collective breath away, it was that stunning! Those women were on fire. The shades of gold from shimmering silk camisoles, pajama pants, smoking jackets, empire gowns, to burnished gold velvet lounge pants that tapered perfectly at the ankle, just begging to be worn out. And then the collection once again colored in a cinnamon burgundy; just delicious! The one gorgeous print of over blown tulips on a background piped in gold was a perfect nod to the Dutch masters, painterly, bold, and romantic. The empire gown is worthy of a night out on the town! The pajamas in the print are superb, and then they made a shirt!! The shirt, I can't imagine not loving that piece & wearing it to death. Oh, I can't forget the velvet smoking jacket lined in the print; the trouble is what color? Golds, burgundies, tulips twinning round romantically; it's a renaissance dream. But very soon it can become a reality for you too. Keep your eyes open!


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