Lingerie Trends for AW17

Every visit to the Salon International de la Lingerie leaves ample room for discovering which trends are coming, which are going, and who's choosing to go against the grain. This year's visit was no different. Our focus is always on the smaller lines rather than corporate behemoths, which means we tend to see a bit more of what's up-and-coming or ahead of the curve. While there are always brands that buck the trends and go in their own direction or hang tight to stale styles, each brand usually offers their take on at least one of the current obsessions.

Lovely in Lace:

The biggest trend we saw at this years market was a wholehearted embrace of beautiful lace. In classic black, shimmering gold, and a multitude of patterns and weights, many brands embraced sheer lace with a fervor we haven't seen in years. There was also an uptick in brands creating styles to correspond with their lingerie collections that could easily be utilized for lingerie as outerwear. Solstiss lace dresses, sheer lace blouses, and even robes that resembled wrap dresses more than lounge pieces dotted the floor.

Jewel Tones Reign:

Across the board, the trend colors for AW17 had one thing in common: their saturation. Emerald, aubergine, and burnt gold were the strongest hues, with accents of navy and burgundy. From lingerie to lounge, these colors add a regal air to the darkness of winter, a saturation in months that are often bleak and gray. Who could wake up on the wrong side of the bed in a sunny silk pajama? Why not wear emerald lace lingerie under your business suit? We're always fans of color at Jane's Vanity, and this season will make it easy to add a rainbow to your lingerie wardrobe.

Pretty in Prints:

Prints started taking a hold of the industry a few seasons back, and they're still going strong. Florals transition into winter with darker backgrounds and painterly style, while geometric prints step into play in saturated hues and dramatic shapes. A patterned bra or bustier makes it easy to show peeks of the print in your everyday apparel should you so choose, while printed offers a chic for lounging or layering as outerwear.

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