An Ode to Elise Anderegg

I've slathered on a fresh layer of sunscreen & I've found shelter from the endlessly brilliant rays of sunshine. But the shimmering sun rays still reflect off the ocean, dancing along the surface, sparkling like thousand of diamonds, it's hypnotizing.  In my slice of shade; I've got on a cool white tee shirt on & I'm reminiscing over our recent order placed with Elise Anderegg in Paris. Just now, in Hawaii, I'm thinking about how I might wear all those sweet airy pieces to infuse my wardrobe with a twist & a punch. That beautiful intricate lace shell, scalloped at the bottom, slightly racer backed, would be the perfect thing  to layer over my tee shirt. Or, I'm thinking, wouldn't that delicate pink lace camisole be the perfect thing to be worn under my featherweight sweater & my Hawaiian print skirt for dinner tonight? While I'm on my daydream; that feather weight printed silk tunic mini-dress would be the coolest attire for floating down the street. Or the geometric lace dress with the three quarter sleeves, well positioned on the upper thigh; a sixties reinterpreted to the fit the present & cool enough to go anywhere; a yacht today, a lunch date in New York, theater in London!

 All of Elise's work reflect her, ethereal, light, delicately French sensibility that translates throughout time & seasons.  This is her offering for fall/ winter & they won't arrive until sometime closer to July. They are designed for another season than where I am today, although I can easily visualize them in this moment in Hawaii, as well as see them in the seasons to come.  The magic is in the versatility & the lightness for layering that gives so much creativity to your wardrobe.

Slip into something from Elise Anderegg and you may find yourself feeling ever so chicly French, with no effort at all.


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