Always a Good Idea

Paris is always on our minds. We are already planning our trip to the Salon International de la Lingerie this January. Images of the April 15th fire at Notre Dame stung our senses. Memories of Paris cascade through the years. We vow to make new ones for years to come, as the City of Light rebuilds its heart. 

Because, as Audrey Hepburn noted, “Paris is always a good idea.” Let’s go on record with our own Jane’s Vanity variations, inspired by that sweet thought:

Flowers: Always a pleasure, especially in the form of a silky pajama bouquet from Olivia Von Halle. Revel in the tropical print Lila Havana silk pajama.

Friendship: So essential. Morpho + Luna model the concept by teaming up with artist Tom Gallant to create mixable/matchable loungewear in dreamy designs. Contemplate the Paris Blue Tropical Silk Chemise with the Bianca Blue Tropical Silk Robe.   

A lovely new bra set: For a happy day, wear the Satin Seduction Lingerie Set from Epure Lise Charmel in petal pink elastane knit with raspberry Calais lace accents. 

Love: Embrace it in a joyful floral print Violet & Wren Silk Chemise in Camo Bloom or Evergreen. 

Black! No boudoir should be without it. Consider the sheerest Dana Pisarra Flo Silk Tunic or Shirt.

Traveling light: Indeed. Strive for it with Gilda & Pearl’s multi-purpose day-to-night Kew Palm Print Silk Gown in full-length petal pink and lime green design.

You may quote us: Jane’s Vanity, like that most precious of cities, is always a good idea.

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