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Monday: Laundry. Long walk. Write postcards to nephews. Remember to buy stamps. Flowers for the week. New Camille Roucher Dahlia Plunge lingerie set should be arriving this afternoon--smiley face.

Tuesday: Gas up the coupe. Buy some celery and Rogue River Blue Cheese. Gig at women’s shelter--polish trumpet and wear snappy Olivia von Halle’s cropped PJs.

Wednesday: So need a lacy camisole for travel wardrobe as warm-weather alternative to PJ top. Something neutral to go with everything. Try Morpho + Luna’s Poudre & Ivory Silk. Buy some milk. Dinner with Mother.

Thursday: Flying lesson 8 AM. Steam Klements “No Place Like Home” silk scarf. Bowling 3:30 PM. Steam bowling shirt. Play checkers with X 9PM. Steam Gilda & Pearl’s “Evelyn” kimono. Buy a Presto log.

Friday: Found a copy of The Bombshell Manual of Style by Laren Stover and Kimberly Forrest. Must reread before Saturday night. Pay bills. Strappy silver heels ready at shoe shop. Dinner with Father.

Saturday: Write thank you note to Aunt Sue for thoughtful gift of Olivia von Halle’s polka dot “Amity” Sleep Mask. She must be seeing bags under my eyes. Make a note: eye cream! Dancing with X 10PM. Chance to break out my new Elise Anderegg Grace Lace Dress to wear over fabulous chemise. Dust.

Sunday: Art museum. Nap. Prepare for another busy week!

-Kate L

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