A New Star

There's a new star in the Jane's Vanity constellation.

The heavenly Salon International de la Lingerie in Paris offers a stellar opportunity for discovery. And by close observation, Jane and Emily caught sight of Akiko Ogawa Lingerie, a label that showcases the finest Japanese lace. Jane’s Vanity offers a celestial sampling this fall.

In fact, Japan is one of the major producers of lace in the world. The variety and innovation are impressive (there is even bamboo lace). And the creative wearing of lace is delightfully displayed on the streets of Tokyo, worn by subcultures from doll-like Lolitas to goth rockers Visual Kei. But lace was also evident in ancient Japan. The distinctive scales of Samurai armor were held together with silk lace cording that was woven for lightness and the strength of its 100 strands. Noble families further enhanced the cording patterns with their unique insignia and colors.

Akiko Ogawa offers her own delicate take on lace. After years of designing women’s clothing, she turned to lingerie in 2016. The new line playfully complements her sleek day wear. A certain simplicity is offset by wow color and an occasional extravagant touch. These cosmically seductive garments will be your after-hours all-stars!

-Kate L

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