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Lovely lingerie is the epitome of charm. To delight, to dazzle, to fascinate. Perhaps to seduce. But also to put yourself at ease, as you float through busy days. You have a little secret underneath that elevates your mood. Your confidence frees you to focus on others, which is the essence of charm.

Fantastic underpinnings are also a first step to chic, that illusive certain something. My favorite definition of chic comes from Elegance by Genevieve Antoine Dariaux: “The essence of casual refinement, chic is a little less studied than elegance and a little more is a gift of the gods and has no relationship to beauty nor to wealth. One baby in its crib may have chic, while another doesn’t.” So, for some of us, chic may be a lifelong project. Lingerie leads in the right direction.

Charm brings a smile. Chic may bring a stealthy sidelong glance. It would be nice to possess both characteristics, at least sometimes. Let’s try:

Wear a beautiful bra set as a base, neat and coordinated. Or cleverly mix two sets, such as Lise Charmel’s Dentelle Glamour Red and Cotton Club’s Potente Teal and Red silk.

Add a lacy chemise from Marjolaine. Streamlined shape, memorable color. Great by itself or the inspiration for everything.

Tuck in a Klements scarf. Just that added spark of color and humor when casually wrapped around one’s neck.

Select a set of Olivia von Halle silk pajamas. Simple, cheery, ready to play. Full of possibilities.

A focus on fine lingerie can be rather transformative. In addition to enhancing one’s charm and chic, it encourages one to attend to pleasant details, to walk tall, and to enjoy life.

-Kate L

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