A Lift

No, not that kind of lift. Rather, the fleeting effervescent feeling one gets when something nice happens. For example, when one knows that chocolate is in the desk drawer, that the haircut is this afternoon, that the refund check has arrived. Or when one receives an unexpected compliment, a day off, a spectacular invitation.

One of my favorite scenarios for a lift is the marathon make-over event at a department store. A row of high director’s chairs in the makeup section invites weary customers to climb up, rest a bit, and be fussed over. The promise is transformation. And, weirdly, that occurs. Formerly wan and sallow faces bloom. Droopy spines spring tall. Gentle smiles emerge. It is amazing to see this happen again and again. We all need a little attention.

Another excellent formula for a lift is to try on scarves. Jane’s Vanity recently hosted an early evening accessories event that illustrates the point. Stacks of Klements scarves were on display for the new season. Large luxurious squares and oblongs in a rich palette of fall color. Each a unique design. Was there a mirror? Yes, over in the corner. Which one to choose. Well, perhaps two. The energy and delight were quite remarkable.

And, why not. A scarf is a sort of universal panacea. It elevates one’s wardrobe, taking basics and mood into another realm. It fits everyone. And a scarf is practical, too, to add just the right amount of warmth. The silks and cashmeres from Klements will be friends for life. If you missed the event, not to worry. Your lift is just a click away.

-Kate L

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