The Art of Color

As I look back on my fashion life, a riot of experimentation, I can see why someone might opt for a neutral wardrobe. But not for long. Can we conduct the art de vivre without a bit of color? I don’t want to.

Case in point: On a recent vacation, I drifted into the open door of an inviting boutique. The chandeliered interior revealed the most elegant clothing and jewelry--in a palette consisting entirely of black, grey, taupe, beige, cream, and white. Monochromatic and soothing, A way to simplify one’s life, right? But, the only two people in the store, the sales clerk and I, were wearing red. Color sneaks in.

And I want it all. Especially the sapphires, peonies, etc. of Jane’s Vanity. So therapeutic just to own. But, the actual wearing may require a bit of advice for a magpie such as I. If you have never read Elegance by Genevieve Antoine Dariaux, you might check out the author’s charming alphabetical approach to Parisian chic circa 1964. Her color combinations (under “C”) and advice for city/country color still hold. And I love her so French counsel to open one’s eyes, experiment, and be courageous!

My only rule seems to be: Does this color make me happy? Yes, it does.

-Kate L

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