Fishnet Catch

Two European hosiery lines have shaped me into a devotee of fishnets. I wouldn’t be without these special stockings, and needn’t be, because they are amazingly sturdy. Suitable for any season, they insulate, yet allow air circulation. And, perhaps most importantly, they look fabulous! The open diamond weave, in whatever color, accentuates and perfects.

I was not always a fishnet girl. But Jane’s Vanity somehow caught me up and encouraged me to be adventurous. To my amazement, fishnets seem to go with everything and have a certain subtlety. Without screaming for attention, they boost morale and add a touch of interest to the everyday. The trick is to find just the right fishnets. And JV carries lovely variations from both the German company Falke and Gerbe from France.

Falke prides itself on quality for quality’s sake. Their aesthetic is stylish and high performance. They applaud trendsetters who follow their own instincts. Falke responds with styles that are streamlined, subtle, and innovative. Try their Circle Net Stay-Up, a rounded hexagonal fishnet shape that will complement office dress or artfully ripped jeans. And last for years.

Gerbe Hosiery is “Preciously Made in France.” Their confections provide a bit of savoir faire as well as comfort. They specialize in the sort of stockings that recall the classic fashions of the 1940s and 50s. Think Ingrid Bergman and Grace Kelly. Just knowing that you have their geometric Paris By Night Stay-Ups at the ready will propel you into party mode.

As cold weather approaches, be sure your legs are covered, cozy, and dressed to catch the eye.

-Kate L

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