Not by the Numbers

Each change of season poses a challenge for getting dressed. And often leaves me feeling as if my closet is empty. Fall is especially alarming. First, because it is cold. Second, because the bright autumn light starkly points out items in need of attention or a fond farewell. So, perhaps my cupboard is bare after all. No matter. I will cope!

But, as I recreate my look each season, I resist the urge to dress by the numbers. Fashion formulas abound: one this, one that, and so on. It makes me crazy. Instead, I just try to acquire things I love. Jane’s Vanity provides clothes that are beyond formulaic. They offer something else, a chance to be my very best self.

That must be why I just marched the sensible new coat back to the store. It might have proved practical, but it didn’t satisfy my need to feel protected in a bigger way. Instead, I will try the cozy Black Boatneck Cashmere Poncho from Zynni. Suitable for day or evening, home or town, it will be my friend and stylist through the season.

Pretty lace camisoles from Dana Pisarra will rescue my basics. The Eden Knit Wool Silk, with its straight neckline, will be waiting to start things off right, stacked neatly along with a variety of Dana’s other exquisite lace numbers... Under a jacket, little sweater, or dress, a camisole eliminates fuss. I will be warm and looking sharp.

A fabulous silk scarf from Klements completes the transformation. Large, colorful, and interesting, one of these dreams will wake up my autumn closet. And sweep me confidently into fall.

-Kate L

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