A Dream Trip to Oz

Lie back in your chaise lounge and consider your perfect vacation. Where would you go? And what would you wear? Perhaps a trip to Oz? You know the plot: air travel, outdoor adventure, big city spa experience, ruby slippers. Friends of JV (FJV) imagine other dream trips, dream clothes. 

From a FJV who wishes for a winter trip to Venice: “I want to live the life of a Venetian, of course. For my chilly morning walk to the Rialto market or my night at the Opera, I would wear the cozy Stelios Koudounaris Petrol Flared Sleeves Velvet Dress–as shadowy and elegant as the city itself.”

Another FJV longs to circumnavigate Sicily: “Last year it was hiking in Corsica. This year I want to explore Persephone’s Island. I would take the stylish sun protection of Stelios Koudounaris’s Black Big Collar Shirt in gauzy cotton/silk blend. And Aromatique’s new rib silk camisoles in choice of black, blue or gold. I’m packed!”

And from Phoenix, a FJV writes simply: “balcony…view of the sea…breeze…good book… gin & tonic.” For her, the perfect vacation accompaniment would be the Emma Ducci Santorini Silk Kaftan in Greek-inspired floral print of red, blue, and black on a crisp white background.

A spin of the compass might inspire yet another FJV dreamer: “I have items I always travel with, two In The Style of Jane, from Elisabeth Weinstock. One is an orange travel valet, where I keep precious items, mostly my jewelry. It’s easy to keep it organized & tucked into the safe while we’re out. The other is my backpack, I think it’s been around the world with me. I also travel with a trio of smaller votive candles from Voyage Et Cie.”  

And, here in Oz, I wear the luxurious Sophia Ruby Slip Dress from Gilda & Pearl, as I whisper, “There’s no place like Jane’s Vanity, there's no place like Jane’s Vanity…”

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