Little Transformers

The event is a year away. And yet, you hardly think of anything else. What will you wear? Keep it simple, with a single transformative piece. You know, that clever cocktail “something” that spruces up your lovely basics. Jane’s Vanity clues you in on some festive shortcuts.

Karolina Laskowska’s Thalia Corded Lace Capelet is your brilliant response to “what to wear.” From its bejeweled mock neck to its eyelash-trimmed shoulders, it radiates charm and nonchalance. And, yes, a certain formality. But, by allowing your bosom and shoulders to peek through, it also provides a little wink. With the addition of a simple slip dress and your own crown jewels, this capelet could take you anywhere.

In the same vein, Gilda & Pearl’s RSVP Embroidered Top, in glimmering black net, stuns with hardly a thought. Styled as a “cage,” to reveal what is underneath, this is the x-ray of a blouse. Its gold-embroidered sheerness teases the eye with a ruffled neck, keyhole opening, and puff sleeves. A long black ribbon tie at the throat adds a certain something. Wear it smugly over an LBD or gorgeous camisole.   

The Gilda & Pearl High Society Midi Robe takes things in another direction. Its dusky pink silk, with tassel trim, transforms itself all day long. Wear it as a wrap dress, a duster over pretty slip dresses, or just around your hotel room with a glass of bubbly. Grace Kelly would be so proud of you.  

The simplest solution for an event might just be a shy little camisole. Especially if it is the Nocturne Camisole Set, a brilliant collaboration between Karolina Laskowska and Merel Zwart of Merle Noir, crafted from a lovely silk twill custom-printed with a photograph of fallen Clematis flowers in the garden of Karolina's mother. Zwart fabricated the set on the bias, then added scalloped lace at neckline and lace appliqué at bust. Wear the camisole atop a midi slip dress or by itself with the long look of flowing skirt or trousers.

If you are in search of a simple LBD to offset these pieces, look no further than Christine Vancouver’s Meghan Luxe Silk Crepe Gown!

And so, no worries. Things can be easy after all. JV makes it so by scouring the globe for an assortment of versatile pieces that make it fun to get dressed up! 

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