A Bevy of Blouses

A flock of doves is called a “bevy.” Picture them flying off together for a winter holiday in lightweight, colorful silk blouses. Then follow suit, in portable, versatile beauties from Jane’s Vanity. A little stack of blouses will synchronize your travel look and match your every swerve. 

The design house Klements recalls an “exaltation” of larks with its whirl of blouse prints. The Mildred blouse shape, with wide elbow-length sleeves and back pleat, is available in a dark Fishpool pattern of Victorian-era door knockers. Or consider the ethereal chiffon Bamboo Jungle in a geometric blue and white with handpainted flora and fauna.   

Like a “charm” of goldfinches, you’ll stand out in Gilda & Pearl’s Golden Hour Silk Top of chartreuse with gold lace trim. Handy to wear in the evening to ward off a chill or kiss someone goodnight. 

A “chime” of wrens would make straight for the Camo Bloom Blouse from Violet & Wren. Here is a weighty silk button-down with gold braid trim to wear in any situation. Dressy as an overblouse with slim pants or ship-shape tucked into wide-leg belted jeans.

A “bazaar” of owls might give the nod to Violet & Wren’s short-sleeved Queen of the Night Camp Shirt in blossomy silk/cotton blend. Or the Yuma Vine Camp Shirt that you wear to hike past their desert nesting condos in saguaro cacti.  

A JV silk blouse washes and dries overnight, needs no ironing (true!), and insulates against many types of weather. You can also sleep in it.

But, before you rest, join a “party” of jays in Olivia Von Halle’s Athena Silk Blouse. Choose black or white chiffon with lots of interesting details. The detachable silk camisole adds a party of wardrobe possibilities.

Feel the thrill of a “flamboyance” of flamingos when you travel with Jane’s Vanity.

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