Glamour & Seduction: The Robe


There is nothing quite like the insouciant glamour of the robe. The variations in style and tone are endless, from sleek to decadent, available in every combination of length, color, and material. Whether your preferences veer more towards understated chic or old Hollywood glamour, there is an option to perfectly suit your needs.

When many people think of robes, they think of Michelin-man puff, of terrycloth, shapeless styles that seem more slovenly than seductive. The world of coverups outside this paradigm is immense, beautiful, and effortlessly sensuous. Some of these variations have been showcased in cinema throughout history, from Jean Harlow's fanciful feathered robes to Margot Lebowski's jewel tone velvet stunner; Holly Golightly's sleek cotton wrap to Scarlett O'Hara's lavish dressing gowns.

The sensation of slipping into a robe is that of total ease, which lends it self to a comfortable confidence that is inherently seductive. Whatever the style and fabrication, whether you choose to layer it over something else or wear it on bare skin, putting on a dressing gown feels like an embrace. It is, in essence, wrapping up in luxury. Whether it's after a hot bath or immediately upon returning home for the night, slipping into a robe is the perfect way to signal your body to relax.

If you're packing for a romantic getaway, why not bring a kimono? There is a sense of mystery to the garment and what lies beneath: what shows, what doesn't; the slip of silk on the skin, and the ease with which it can be removed. For the same reasons, I think robes make a truly beautiful gift for a lover. You are gifting them an indulgence in luxury, in total comfort and ease. Coverups fall far outside the potential dangers of gifting a lingerie set, as size and style are far more flexible in this garment. It offers a simple way to celebrate her beauty and femininity, to show her that she deserves to feel pampered.

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