The Budding of Spring


Out on the trails with my dogs, I've been watching the budding of spring. Buds begin their thrust to openness with an intense saturation of color. Trees start to unfurl their leaves in an almost phosphorescence brilliance, that I imagine has the power to glow in the dark!  Maybe there is energy in color, as buds soften their hue, as they blossom & leaf out into their final fragile forms.

I think that's why I gravitate to strong colors in my underpinnings this time of year, to propel me into & through the gray days; with the fervent hope that the sun will surely shine again. I can relax my color palette under the undulate rays of the summer sun. But until that time arrives, I will rely on the saturation of color much like the early, front running buds of spring.

At the moment I'm loving my Gilda & Pearl bright orange camisole, boxer, & half slip; trimmed in a brilliant gold lace, the lace alone works wonders on my mood! The Gilda & Pearl rich strong turquoise blue chemise is another jewel to elevate the spirits. I suggest you search your underpinnings for a boldness of color to pin your spirits to & sail into the day, gray or not!  Just like a beautiful deep hued bud launching into spring.


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