Meet The "Real" Jane

Jane began her life in St. Paul, a normal enough infant until as a tiny little girl she was abducted by a swarm of giant Minnesota mosquitoes and carried away to the wilderness and lakes of Northern Minnesota. Rescued by a pack of Timber Wolves, Jane was raised into young adulthood and quickly became the Alpha female of the Pack.

Jane began her appreciation of beauty during long nights of pack bonding and song fest under the full moon and the Northern Lights.

Finally, feeling the need for more adventure and fulfillment in beauty, she made a tearful goodbye to her adopted family and moved to Moose-Jaw, Minnesota at the age of eight and opened her first boutique which quickly captured the loyalty of the entire population of eight.

Jane got her big break at the age of ten, when she met Al Gore who was stumping (literally) in Moose Jaw. Together, they invented the Internet. Learning of the beauty of such cities as London, Paris and Milan, Jane moved to the West Coast and her finely curated collections blossomed, as she catapulted to stardom.

Today she lives at Lake Tahoe in Nevada, and visits her homes in Scotland, Tuscany and Ireland while shopping for you in all the fashionable Cities of Europe. After 20 years in business as Jane's Vanity, Jane is happy to share her fine collections of unique fashion with you.

Happy April 1st!

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