Basics of Lingerie Care

One of the most common inquiries about lingerie is that of care. Caring for your lingerie, loungewear & hosiery is vital: proper care and storage are the only way to enjoy the full lifespan of any piece.  Below we address three of the main elements of lingerie care, which include cleaning, storage & wear.  


Always check the tags on your wardrobe to ensure that you are following the care instructions given by the manufacturer. Most often, lingerie and loungewear are safest treated when hand-washed, but some exceptionally delicate or more embellished pieces may require dry cleaning.

The gentlest way to launder lingerie, loungewear or hosiery is to hand wash and line dry. Regardless of how new your washing machine is or what protective bag you zip your pieces into, hand washing and line drying is without a doubt the most effective way to extend the lifespan of your collection. A single spin in a washing machine or dryer can result in broken underwires, stretched elastic, snagged materials and shrinkage. If you think of the delicacy of the materials most often used in lingerie, as well as the structural requirements of many pieces, it becomes far more understandable that the gentlest cleaning method would also result in the longest lifespan of a piece. Above everything else, we beg that you NEVER put any of your delicates in the dryer. The heat and agitation is a death sentence for lingerie!

Fill your sink or bathtub with cool water and the recommended amount of your favorite gentle hand detergent – we adore SOAK. Submerge sets and like colors in the soapy bath and allow them to soak for 10-15 minutes. Use your fingers to gently massage a small amount of extra detergent into any pieces that require additional cleaning. Drain the sudsy water and rinse* laundered pieces in fresh cool water. (*No need to rinse many pieces when you use SOAK, yet another reason that we love it! 

When you are washing silks and/or any saturated colors, it is vital that you use cool water to prevent dye from seeping from the piece. Always test items for color fastness, and wash with like colors to avoid staining and color transference.

Hang your freshly laundered beauties to air dry on a drying rack or shower rod. Wringing and twisting can damage delicate pieces, and is not recommended.


The goal in storing and lingerie item is to avoid putting any strain on the pieces, as well as to protect them from anything that could be damaging, including rough surfaces and direct sun exposure.

Shaped bras should be stored flat, as inverting the shaped cups in on each other can result in puckering and lack of shape. Hook bras closed before storing to avoid the hooks snagging other delicate pieces, especially if bras are stacked.

Silks and loungewear pieces can be hung to avoid wrinkles, or folded in a drawer. Be sure that the interior of any drawers you are filling with delicates are not rough, and that you don’t overfill them to the point that pieces could get caught when you pull to open.


The lingerie we stock is designed to be worn, and should easily maintain day-to-day use. However, everything will fare better when you take some common-sense precautions.

If you’re engaging in intense physical exertion, be sure that the pieces you’re wearing have the strength and flexibility to keep up with what you’re doing. Silk charmeuse without any stretch can be a bad match for yoga class, and ultra-delicate lace might not hold up well during the strain of your daily run.

 Please also use care around zippers and jewelry prongs, especially with hosiery or ultra-sheer lingerie items. If you’ve ever snagged hosiery crossing your legs in a pair of zip-up boots, you know what I’m talking about!

While it may be tempting to hop in the pool in your panties, chlorine is just as hard on delicate materials as it is on your skin and hair. Weigh the pros and cons, and be prepared for potential damage. 

This covers the basics of lingerie care, but each piece has its own quirks. If you ever have questions regarding the care on an item, we’re here to help! Send us a message and we’ll happily advise.


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