Lingerie as Self Care


There’s a strange myth surrounding lingerie purchases for many women, one that we’d very much like to dispel: that the only reason to wear beautiful lingerie is for a lover. This idea is antithetical to the Jane’s Vanity mindset in every way. Sure, wearing something special for a lover is enjoyable, but it is such a small facet of what can be an empoweringly holistic experience with the most feminine of apparel.

Wearing beautiful lingerie for your self alone is the ultimate form of self care, an indulgence in your self worth that isn’t physically apparent to the world at large. This is the rare opportunity to invest in pieces that aren’t outward indicators of style, class, or representation and instead simply bring you joy. Whether it’s a lovely lace set to slip under your clothes and boost your confidence or silk loungewear to soothe your soul after a long day, the sentiment remains the same: I am worth it.

There is something so precious about the pieces that are worn nearest to our skin and our hearts. Why not allow yourself to drift off to dreamland wearing something exquisite? Given the huge percentage of our lives that we spend sleeping and the healing powers imbued in rest, indulging in a luxurious sleepwear experience seems beneficial both physically and emotionally. We maintain that it is impossible to wake up on the wrong side of the bed in beautiful silk pajamas!

We take care of our bodies by eating well, by exercising, with yoga and meditation. But how do we care for our souls? Allowing yourself to be surrounded by beautiful things that bring you joy on a daily basis is one of many ways to nurture wellbeing within yourself. Just as we must carve out time in every day to do the things that bring us pleasure, allowing ourselves the joy of beautiful lingerie for no occasion other than our own enjoyment is a valid form of self love and self respect. We style our outward appearance depending on the occasion and the image we want to project, why not style our underpinnings to reflect our inner wishes for the day?

Just as the female form is not inherently sexual, the things we place closest to it are also without implicit connotations. Allow yourself the pleasure of wearing beautiful lingerie for yourself alone and feel your self confidence soar. As Dita Von Teese so aptly remarked: “It’s not about seducing men, it’s about embracing womanhood.”

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