Artist Spotlight: Shae Detar


One of the dreams of this blog is to integrate the many things that Jane and I are passionate about, especially as they relate to the world of lingerie. This will include periodic inspiration posts about art, literature, music, cinema... the things that can add so much beauty to every day, much as lingerie does.

Today’s artist spotlight features Shae Detar, whose painted photographs seem to usher in another world, most often showcasing the female form. Her style is varied and evocative; some pieces ethereal, others assertive. In some images, her hand tinting seems barely perceptible, adding a surreal technicolor element to the subject’s surroundings. In others, bodies and backgrounds are wildly colored, and saturated splashes of paint accentuate specific curves or wash over the image as a whole.

Shae was kind enough to agree to answer some questions for Jane’s Vanity; this exchange is detailed below.

JV: What are your inspirations, and how have they transformed as your art has evolved?

SD: Artists that inspire me:  Van Gogh, Matisse, Vuillard, Egon Schiele, Lautrec, Manet, Picasso, Monet.

I have always been so moved by these artists and as I am learning more and more about art, by being an artist, I just appreciate them even more than  I ever have.

Their bravery as artists, their use of color and bold ideas inspire me daily.

JV: Your work is primarily the female form, often nudes. What inspires this focus on a portrayal of femininity, and what do you hope to convey?

SD: Well first and foremost I am a woman, and I feel most comfortable with women's bodies and the aura of women because that is the world I am most intimately acquainted with, since birth.  I think it's easier for me to express a lot of what I am thinking about and what I am dealing with by using women subjects as models, because I am a woman in this world and female subjects just make more sense to demonstrate my female experience.  The nude body in particular visually appears very classical, and I am most inspired by paintings from long past.  I'm not trying to exploit women's sexuality, nor do I aim to make the images erotic, far from it. However, if the viewer walks away with that, that is fine...I think everyone is moved by a piece of art in very different ways and our experiences are all quite unique. 

JV: Lingerie & loungewear have made appearances throughout your works, from your early self portraiture to vintage pieces to the look book you shot for Erin Fetherston's Cosabella range. What are your thoughts on lingerie, as it relates to femininity and personal identity?

SD: Lingerie is just fun!  It's feminine and I don't know many people who don't love it.  ;)

You can find out more about Shae Detar on her website and instagram page. The details of both her past and upcoming shows are available here.


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