Your Initials, Please

Long before cell phones, word-shortening was a reality. Oklahoma became OK and Ms. became a magazine. JV loves “initialisms.” After all, who would know more about abbreviation?! BTW, how’s your JV lingerie IQ? (Glossary at bottom).

Karolina Laskowska might have been asking WTP when she designed the Danainae Lingerie Set. J4F, she combined a whisper-weight pink Chantilly lace body with ultra-soft textural trim in the colors of a Miami sunset. Definitely TIIL

Once upon a time, a stylish English girl-about-town would have ordered a G&T. Brings to mind mystery novels by Dorothy L. Sayers and silk pajamas by Morpho+Luna. No need for AI to tell you that the Dancing Butterflies Silk Pajamas are FTW!

You’ll say HMU when you see Layalina’s Noor Aubergine Babydoll. Its revealing lace columns offer AC for island vacations and the perfect excuse to send your friends the message: OOO.

FRL, you need a dress. Something modest, SFW, but ready to party. The Petrol Flared Sleeve Velvet Dress from Stelios Koudounaris will have you whispering FIMH

YNK when love will find you. Always be prepared. From our POV, a TKO bra would further the cause. Such as Emma Harris’s Celeste Raspberry Lingerie Set in fuchsia silk with molded cups and lace appliqué. Reveal it beneath the kimono-chic Celeste Raspberry Robe. 

Gratz to these fabulous JV designers: you TILII and rock our world. You might think YYSSW, but RBTL: JV and friends just LYSM.

WTP: Where’s the party

J4F: Just for fun

TIIL: Think I’m in love

G&T: Gin and Tonic

AI: Artificial intelligent

FTW: For the win 

HMU: Hit me up

AC: Air conditioning

OOO: Out of office

FRL: For real life

SFW: Safe for work

FIMH: Forever in my heart

YNK: You never know

POV: Point of view

TKO: Total knockout

Gratz: Congratulations

TILII: Tell it like it is

YYSSW: Yeah, yeah, sure, sure, whatever

RBTL: Read between the lines

LYSM: Love you so much

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