Seven-Course Holiday

Serve up a happy holiday with frequent JV outfit changes. Fit them in between breakfasts, brunches, picnic lunches, teas, aperitivi, buffets, and midnight suppers. Be a guest at your own party, dressed in comfort and joy.

Start with an Oregon camp breakfast of smoked salmon, blueberry pancakes, and fried trout. You preside with a glass of Tualatin Valley Blanc de Blanc and the cozy and glamorous Erte Silk Velvet Pajamas from Christine Vancouver.

Hurry back to PDX for a Oaxacan-themed brunch party catered by Tierra del Sol at the Mercado on SE Foster Road. Their giant tortilla-like Tlayuda makes anyone else’s cooking superfluous. Take a bow for this brilliant choice while wearing your Erte PJ trousers and Dana Pisarra’s Bordeaux Rib Silk Top with its soutache-embellished burgundy lace insets at sleeves and hem.

Find a wine-country fireside for a cozy winter picnic. The Red Hills Market in Dundee will provide the sandwiches, while you look pretty in Gilda & Pearl’s full-length Sultan Garland Long Robe in burgundy red silk velvet with brick silk lining. 

Tea is served at the Portland Japanese Garden in Washington Park. Step into the Umami café wearing Morpho + Luna’s Luna Flannel Dressing Gown in 100% wool flannel over jeans and favorite sherpa boots. 

For a quick pick-me-up at Porlland’s Goose Hollow Inn, all you need is a chunky sweater over the Meghan Luxe Silk Gown from Christine Vancouver. To give this look a dinner party boost, switch the sweater for Karolina Laskowska’s so-handy Thalia Corded Lace Capelet. Earrings by Gisel B.

It’s not over yet. Creep home and into Gilda & Pearl’s leopard print Golden Hollywood Silk Pajamas. You look maaaarvelous, darling, as you answer the door for your personal pizza.

Be the party, in a smorgasbord of dishy outfits from Jane’s Vanity.

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