Dear Darling, Since you’ve been away, I’ve been keeping busy with a little remodeling. I think you’ll approve of the results. I threw out everything in my closet and started fresh with just a few core items from Jane’s Vanity. When you get back, we can stay in.

Should you require it, my prescription for jet lag is to lower the blinds, don the Issa Torment Velvet Slip Dress from Olivia Von Halle, and recalibrate your circadian rhythms. You may borrow the matching eye mask.

When it is time to wake up, I could play Reveille while wearing my new Gilda & Pearl Barely There Bed Jacket of sheer black silk chiffon with French appliques and belled ¾ sleeves.   

Cafe pour deux is the perfect opportunity to show off Camille Roucher’s Gold Pearl Lingerie Set in black and gold floral silk. 

Laundry or Scrabble? Why not both? My Gilda & Pearl Jardin D’Ete Long Kimono can orchestrate the festivities.  

Then pizza--a phone call away. Just time to slip into Lise Charmel’s Sexy Rebelle Silk Chemise. Chianti while we wait?

To massage away those travel kinks, a slow dance in the kitchen. You, me, the radio, and my new Hyacinth Silk Pajamas from Marjolaine

Sound like fun?

Jane’s Vanity and I are counting the days until your return.


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